Getting home and community care right. That’s our goal.

Getting home and community care right. That’s our goal.


We believe that home-centered care can be the catalyst for healthcare transformation.

We are a healthcare technology and services firm that helps payers cultivate high-performing networks while empowering providers to operate at their best—and in doing so, help patients heal better. Our end goal is health and healing in the home, but our solutions create value along a broader part of the health care continuum.


Our solutions are built on this core idea:

With the right information, guidance, and tools, provider organizations can deliver better care; payer organizations can reduce upstream and downstream costs; and patients have the opportunity to receive better care and an improved experience.



We unlock the potential of home and community care.


We take a two-part approach that builds and improves on itself over time:

  • Care intelligence enables advanced care delivery and administration
  • Performance intelligence provides a path to true value-based care

Tailorable, adaptive models

Our metrics and algorithms are based on proprietary datasets and tailorable models that learn from your data over time to provide better insights and drive bigger cost-savings and improved care.

Multi-faceted perspective

Helion combines payer, provider, clinical, technology, and strategic perspectives on home and community care.

Proven ideas

Before we bring them to you, the services we deliver are tested in a real-world integrated health system—our “greenhouse.”

Increasing value over time

Our approach doesn’t just generate increased value in one year. It delivers increased value every year.

State of At-Home Care

State of At-Home Care

Today, home and community care is treated as a commodity. Payers need to reduce costs, and vendors solve that by slashing reimbursements and splitting the difference. Providers come under ever-increasing pressure, outcomes suffer, and acute care has to pick up the slack—a costly fix. It’s a race to the bottom where everyone suffers, including patients. And that’s the reason we founded Helion.

Our solutions unlock the potential of home and community care for payers and providers so that they can deliver prevention, condition management, and healing—helping providers elevate what they do and positively impact the entire care continuum.

The Value We Bring

Our ultimate goal at Helion is to improve patient care and healing.

Our solutions focus on home care solutions for payers and providers because patients are happier and can heal faster at home. With the right tools in the hands of the right providers, patients can receive a broader range of care at home—care that helps them do better and avoid future complications. That means more value for payers and provider organizations, and better outcomes and more satisfaction for patients. That is Helion’s goal.

The Value We Bring

Helion brings value to Payers by:

  • Automated UM
  • Realtime stratification
  • True partner-based relationship with provider organizations
  • Performance analytics
  • Care analytics
  • Network performance
  • Guidance and support from a dedicated Helion network performance manager
Health Providers

Helion provides value to Home Health and Community Provider Organizations by:

  • Simplified administration
  • Improved provider satisfaction
  • True partner-based relationship with payers
  • Seamless referrals
  • Automated authorizations
  • Guidance and support from a dedicated Helion network performance manager

Helion provides value to Patients by:

  • Greater opportunity for healing in home
  • Smoother, more consistent care experience
  • More effective and holistic care
  • Fewer readmissions

Our Solutions

Generating unprecedented value.

Our solutions blend two key components to help build hyper-capable home and community care provider networks that deliver increasing and lasting benefits for payers, providers, and patients.

Care Intelligence

A knowledge-based capability suite that delivers insights to enable enhanced care delivery and administration.

Performance Intelligence

A network enhancement system driven by proprietary, continually updated knowledge and data that powers Care Intelligence services. A dedicated network performance manager ensures you maximize the value of Care and Performance Intelligence in your network.

Value of Helion’s  Real-World Testing

Value of Helion’s Real-World Testing

Helion develops and tests our solutions in a real-world integrated health system—our “greenhouse.” That means the capabilities we bring you deliver real value. And we have a lot more innovations in our pipeline.