Streamlining operations across an organization

Helion helped design a more efficient operating model that allowed an organization to implement better care and transition-planning practices.
Doctor and nurses

Before initiating Helion’s value-based reimbursement (VBR) program, a respected regional skilled nursing organization found outcomes lagging in several of its Pennsylvania and Delaware facilities. The facilities were experiencing readmission spikes, causing an increase in patient hospitalizations.

With Helion’s support, the organization identified a key problem: Their facilities had not appropriately streamlined their operational processes, which caused operational variability in some facilities.


To prepare for the VBR program’s launch, the organization partnered with Helion to streamline policies and procedures for each facility. The goal was to reduce readmissions and hospitalizations to foster better outcomes in the VBR program.

Helion’s approach was simple: Collaborate to design a more efficient operating model that allows the organization to implement better care and transition-planning practices. Helion and company leaders brainstormed with facility owners to develop a plan to address their key challenges. Additionally, Helion created action plans based on data-driven insights to help each facility improve its performance.


The organization met its performance goal and continued to generate improvements across its facilities, with Helion scorecards, action plans, and the network performance team enabling better outcome tracking.

From Q1 2019 to Q3 2022, the organization experienced these improvements:

  • Risk-adjusted 60-day hospitalizations for the corporation dropped from 17% to 12% (i.e., a 29% change).
  • Risk-adjusted 30-day readmission rate for the corporation dropped from 8.4% to 7% (with an increase seen during the pandemic).
  • Three of the client’s eight facilities ranked in the top two quintiles in Pennsylvania. And one of its locations moved from the 4th to the 1st quintile from Q3 2021 to Q3 2022.
  • With Helion’s help, the organization also developed its preferred network of providers.