Reducing hospitalization and readmission rates

An organization engaged with Helion to implement best practices to improve outcomes.

A large skilled nursing facility (SNF) with locations in seven states was experiencing issues at one of its new locations. Under its previous ownership, the facility exhibited high hospitalization rates, increased SNF readmissions, and poor patient outcomes. These performance indicators negatively impacted the parent corporation's reputation, amplifying concerns. Helion partnered with the organization to identify ways to reduce costly hospitalizations and readmissions across its in-network locations.


Corporate leadership engaged with Helion to assess the support for and sharing of best practices to improve results. Helion worked with the corporation to better align the facilities with the network hospital systems and to reduce hospitalizations and SNF readmissions.

Helion’s approach centered on 1) building stronger collaboration between the acute and post-acute care networks, primarily to enhance transitions of care; and 2) using provider analytics and scorecard metrics to measure and improve performance.


Helion provided the tools to improve the SNF’s performance and help the facility establish a strong reputation in the market.

  • The corporation experienced a significant drop in its 60-day hospitalizations and 30-day readmissions from Q1 2019 to Q2 2022. Hospitalizations decreased from 36% to 19% (i.e., a 47% change); SNF readmissions dropped from 21% to 15% (i.e., a 29% change).
  • The corporation improved clinical outcomes for its patients, with one of its highest-volume SNFs ranking in the top 20% of SNFs across Pennsylvania. And the same facility has consistently ranked in the top two quintiles of performance for SNFs statewide for the last five quarters.
  • With Helion’s partnership, the new facilities increased engagement with hospitals, resulting in increased referrals. That allowed Helion to place patients with more complex health issues within those locations.