Helion is a health care technology and services company that collaborates with post-acute providers to transform home and community care through a blend of technology solutions, data and reporting, and consulting from subject matter experts. By empowering providers with the right insights, tools, and guidance, they can deliver better care for patients and reduce administrative burden, thereby creating downstream value for payers. Using proprietary algorithms to analyze data through our Helion Arc technology platform, along with the support and expertise of our network management team, Helion forms a collaborative relationship with providers to better manage post-acute episodes. Our solutions focus on quality and better outcomes for patients, which create optimized cost and reduced administrative burden for payers, and opportunities for providers to earn incentives for providing better care. Win – win – win!

About Us

Our Purpose

To transform health care by reimagining the home as the center for prevention and healing.

A future where the home becomes the core of the care continuum.

We are change agents.

We live the challenges of health care and they drive us to envision a better way. By enabling health and healing in the patient’s home—wherever that might be.


We are why-powered.

We’re people who work to a purpose. Our mission is the lens that gives us focus, the measure of our actions, and the link that connects us to each member, provider, and plan partner. It’s the “why” that powers every “what.”


We are people-minded.

Patients deserve state-of-the-art care. Providers deserve the chance to excel and show their true value. Team members deserve the chance to learn and grow. Our success is measured by the quality of their experiences.


We are energized.

The belief that we can transform the care continuum is our fuel, powering us through each challenge in an ever-changing environment. We’re energized by our work and committed to igniting positive change.


We work as one.

We’re devoted to working as a close-knit team—lending each other support, holding ourselves and our partners to account, and sharing every victory.


Meet the Helion Leaders

Our leaders and teams represent a wide variety of industry expertise, but we share one goal: a desire to transform health care.

Key  Teams