Improving patient outcomes with advanced analytics

Helion’s performance analytics helped a small nonprofit implement the right care at the right time.
Woman in wheelchair

A small nonprofit skilled nursing organization with facilities across Pennsylvania was experiencing poor patient outcomes. Patients too often remained stagnant in their care, unable to return to their homes. Leadership recognized that it needed to help its teams be more efficient in planning discharges.


With Helion’s guidance, the organization identified its challenges with transition-of-care planning, particularly around their therapy units. Helion shared our post-acute care expertise to help the company’s workforce better handle shifts in patient care.

Through this partnership, the organization developed stronger relationships with its facilities and employees, providing the needed support to improve. Helion and the organization also streamlined the company’s documentation process to enhance transitioned care.


The strategies better aligned in-network hospitals, physicians, and employees to deliver the most clinically appropriate care at the right time. The organization used Helion’s performance analytics to inform their decisions and process.

From Q1 2019 to Q3 2022, the company achieved these results:
  • One of their facilities ranked 1st in their micro-market for quality performance in nine out of 11 quarters and 2nd for the other two quarters.
  • Two Pennsylvania facilities had the highest overall score statewide. One of them ranked in the top quintile during 10 of the last 11 quarters (Q1 2020 to Q3 2022).
  • With Helion’s assistance, the organization also improved protocols and processes with its continuous retirement community (CRC) “rapid response” team.

Helion also helped the organization open a new home health facility (HHF), linking it to a hospital system and post-acute care network. That permitted the organization to focus on expanding its coverage area.