Other companies deliver change—but with a one-time increase in value only. What makes us different?

Our approach

By helping you leverage care intelligence and performance intelligence solutions simultaneously, Helion drives improvements that build on themselves.

Performance intelligence

Our proprietary network optimization system provides a path to true value-based care.

Care intelligence

Our suite of data and analytics-driven capabilities provide evidence and insights that are used to guide, measure, and improve the delivery of home and community care.

Our solution delivers significantly more value

Both Helion and traditional vendors will help you reduce initial costs. But then we do much more. There’s really no comparison.

Aligned incentives.

We help you develop an incentive structure that depends on collaboration and shared goals.

Optimized outcomes.

With our solutions, you create value that can build on itself, year upon year.

Simplified administration.

Eliminates work and drives better, faster decision-making.

Improved experience for providers.

Providers work at the top of their capabilities, with more authority and satisfaction.

Increased patient engagement.

Patients heal fast and have higher satisfaction.

Greater resiliency.

By freeing up acute care resources, we help you ensure the ability to flex with unexpected needs and more.


Multi-faceted perspective

To deliver innovation and make that innovation sustainable for our customers, the Helion team brings together five essential perspectives on home and community care.

Payer perspective

that understands networks, reimbursement models, and population health.

Provider perspective

that understands the day-to-day realities of care delivery.

Clinical perspective

that understands patient needs and evidence-based best practices.

Technology perspective

that understands how to apply data and automation to healthcare delivery and health plan administration

Strategic perspective

that anticipates the forces reshaping the care continuum.


We have demonstrated results

Helion develops, tests, and executes ideas in a real-world integrated payer and health system. This greenhouse means you get ideas that have already shown they bring real value. Not every company can say that. And we have a lot more innovative ideas in our pipeline.

Tailorable and continuously improving models

Our metrics and algorithms are based on proprietary datasets, including OASIS, claims data, and other unique Helion-collected data. Based on each payer's unique goals and needs, our solution can be tailored and refined, providing better insights and driving bigger cost savings and improved care.

Increasing value over time

Our approach creates a virtuous cycle of improvement that compounds value over time.