Our delivery model is tailored to set up payers and providers for success. It delivers clear benefits from the start and includes ongoing development to ramp up performance over time.

Here's how partnering with us works:

Step 1 - Understanding Goals

It all begins with a conversation. After we understand your objectives, and you understand our capabilities, we can set a broader call with the stakeholders you identify. We will develop a proposal based on your unique needs and strategies, which then leads to kicking off the next phase.

Step 2 - Assessing, Implementing, and Onboarding

With an agreed upon set of goals, we kick off the project and work closely with your team to assess data availability and quality as well as identify business and tech requirements. We draft configurations, share a solution blueprint for you to review and approve, implement it, and onboard teams to appropriate dashboards and workflows.

Step 3 - Establishing a Baseline and Conditioning

Working closely with your team, we review operational practices and data, develop training strategies, and hold regular performance information and improvement sessions across your home and community provider network.

Step 4 - Optimizing and Refining

Using the qualitative and quantitative data we’ve gathered, we recommend updated approaches and guide internal teams through the integration of our Helion Arc technology and network management tools into current processes.

Step 5 - Iterating Improvements

We implement advanced models, facilitate information sharing, refine dashboards, and, with your team, identify desired improvements.

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